Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Super Cute Santa Cards

I made these with the kids this year they are super easy and so cute!!
What you'll need:
Red cardstock
Skin-colored cardstock
Large white artificial flower
2 black brads
3-D white pearl fabric paint
Red blush or pink chalk
Double-sided padded tape
White glitter
Paper scissors
Hot glue gun
How to make it:
Step 1: Santa Card Template
Trace and cut Santa face and nose pattern on skin-colored cardstock. For Santa's face, use a folded piece of cardstock, matching it up to the "fold line" indicated on the template.
Trace and cut the pieces of Santa's hat pattern on red color cardstock.
Step 2: Santa’s Flower Beard
Pull off stem of large flower and cut off any green petals.
Cut off two petals and trim petals for eye brows.
Fold large flower and hot glue folded flower on bottom half of card.
Place double-sided padded tape on the back of Santa’s nose.
Place nose in the center of card above Santa’s beard.
Place black brads for eyes above nose.
Glue eye brows above eyes.
Apply blush on cheeks of Santa.
Step 3: Santa’s Hat
Glue hat to the top of Santa's head.
Place double-sided padded tape on base of hat.
Place hat brim on top of tape.
Fold over tip of hat and hot glue tip on the right side of hat.
Place double-sided padded tape on the back of the pompom cut-out.
Place double-side tapes pompom onto the card so that it overlaps the hat brim and touches the tip of the hat.
Pipe curls on brim, pompom, and along edges of hat using 3-D fabric paint.
Sprinkle white glitter on top of piped curls. Let dry.
Substitute white large flower for white faux fur fabric.


Creative Minds said...


I wanna hear all about your Christmas traditions. Check out my Christmas contest!

earth baby said...

that is really cute! My kids would love that! Last month my daughter had a project where she had to give her paper turkey a disguise so he wouldn't get "eaten" for Thanksgiving. We glued eyelash yarn all over it and called it a cat.

Leah said...

What a cute card design! I'll be lucky if my photo prints arrive in time to slip inside our cards and get them mailed, LOL.

Klymyshyn Design said...

What a REALLY GOOD project - it is truly exquisite!